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So what is HAL?

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    Hispanic Austin Leadership (HAL) provides business leaders and professionals the opportunities to develop business acumen, civic awareness, leadership skills and a network of colleagues for life.

    Awareness & Empowerment

    HAL is about "Awareness".  Awareness is raised by asking both "Grass Tops" and "Grass Roots" leaders of the community to speak regarding issues they face in the community.  This will create a "well rounded" leader of the Hispanic Community.  There are numerous issues facing our Hispanic Community and HAL participants are made aware of as many issues as possible.  Sessions are intense, fast-paced, challenging, inspiring and informative.

    HAL is about “Empowerment”. HAL empowers participants by asking them to participate or create a Community Service Project that will “impact the community”.  This will encourage civic engagement and community stewardship as well as sharpening their project management, negotiating, networking and fundraising skills.

    After graduation and as a member of the HAL Alumni, graduates will be expected to continue to make a difference in the civic lives of our community by developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.

    Who can apply?

    Anyone inspired to lead...You do not have to be Hispanic to be a leader of the Hispanic Community.

    "Inspired to Lead"

    "Leadership is not a top-down impulse but rather a bottom-up impact. The greatest leaders in history have not been dictators but rather directors – leadership maestros who used their gifts of vision, values and purpose to orchestrate actions that served a cause greater than themselves. Giving orders is not leadership…giving hope is. Leaders who serve the interests of those they lead earn far more than the obedience of their followers, they earn their respect."

    "Closing Thoughts" from the book Inspired to Lead by Christopher Novak

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