GAHCC Travels to El Salvador to Participate in Historical International Business Delegation

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The Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC) was invited to participate in an official international Business Summit, hosted by Salvadoran government officials in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The Business Summit Event took place August 12 and 13, 2021, and focused on economic initiatives and opportunities to strengthen business ties between El Salvador and the United States. The international delegation of attendees included fifty-two business leaders and eight Chambers of Commerce, from across the United States.

The initial Summit plenary sessions began at the El Salvador Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which attendees enjoyed remarks from Commerce and Investment Secretary Miguel Kattan and Foreign Vice Ministry Adriana Mira. Kattan and Mira shared a broad overview of initiatives underway in El Salvador focused on business and infrastructure development, entrepreneurial opportunities, and supporting government actions. Tourism Minister Morena Valdez also presented on El Salvador’s changing tourism offerings and areas of focus including culture, archeology, culinary, and the highly anticipated “Surf City” development, poised to position El Salvador as a world-class surfing destination.

Delegation participants sampled award-winning Salvadoran coffee and learned of the economic benefit of the Salvadoran coffee industry. Delegates also enjoyed remarks from PROSEA President Salvador Gomez and Vice President Javier Galdamez, highlighting El Salvador’s export and investment organization. During the presentation, Gomez and Galdamez discussed Public-Private Partnerships, El Salvador’s trade relationships to the United States and the world, and legislation impacting business initiatives. Following the Business Summit, delegates were delighted to enjoy an authentic Salvadoran dinner from a renowned local restaurant, featuring traditional Salvadoran pupusas and networking with other participants.

Day two of the event involved GAHCC delegates participating in breakout sessions on specific Salvadoran industries, including technology, tourism, and a focused session for Chamber of Commerce representatives. The event concluded with a tour of the Surf City development, eco-tourism hotels nearby, information on investment opportunities, and El Salvador’s burgeoning water sports industry.

The event concluded and the GAHCC delegation was honored to receive an invitation to continue conversations on additional partnership opportunities through an official Salvadoran Governmental visit, scheduled to take place in September in Houston, Texas.

The GAHCC Delegation to El Salvador consisted of:

  • Diana Maldonado, President and CEO, GAHCC
  • Brittney Rodriguez, Chief Operating Officer, GAHCC
  • John Espinosa, Manager of Public Policy and Economic Development, GAHCC
  • Hector Quintanar, GAHCC Member

To view GAHCC President and CEO Diana Maldonado’s interview in El Salvador, CLICK HERE.

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