Hispanic Austin Leadership Alumni Q&A: Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado, Founder and President of The Critical Update and HAL Alumnus of 2018, shares about his connection to the community and the importance of giving in an interview by Stephanie Bazan, GAHCC Director of Communications, Signature Events Programs. This is part of a new series highlighting Hispanic Austin Leadership Alumni.

Stephanie Bazan: Tell me about your volunteer work at EGBI.

Luis Delgado: I have been working with EGBI for years. I have been on the board for over 4 years and I was board chair for 2020 and will be again for 2021. It’s really cool. I get to participate in some of the workshops, I’m a client so I get the coaching as well and that has been really helpful for us. I try to support EGBI in any way I can so I help financially, but also help with events and my family participates and helps too.

SB: You’ve been a HAL mentor and committee member for two years. What do you enjoy about volunteering with HAL? 

LD: We get to work with really talented people and there’s a lot of camaraderie and a lot of support for one another. Being a connector is something that is really great about HAL.

SB: What would you say to someone who is considering joining HAL?

LD: When I went through HAL I wanted to step out of my box, I wanted to expand my circle and I wanted to challenge myself and that definitely happened. It was very challenging, it was very hard, it was very rewarding. It was a really good experience for leadership development, definitely for learning how to collaborate with other people, for learning how to combine your gifts and talents with one another. If you want to build some strong relationships with talented professionals, HAL is one of the best places that creates that opportunity for you.

SB: Why do you think it’s important for people to give of their time and talent?

LD: My money is needed and useful, but my time and talent are needed even more. A lot of us feel like we have nothing to offer. We may think small. The reality is that we have so much potential. There is always something to offer. Don't be selfish with your time and talent. Only you have it and only you can share it. Also, if you think your money is not going to make a difference...I’ve been giving $10 a month to an organization for 23 years. It turns into something doesn’t it?

Other volunteer roles or organizations Luis works with:

Luis has several groups and organizations he volunteers for and supports including EGBI, HAL, Ace Food Handler, Breath of Life Ministries, HeartSupport and Storyline among others.

We encourage you to visit our Season of Giving page to see all of our nonprofit partners and take part in #DoGoodDecember by giving or getting involved.