History of the Chamber

The GAHCC was established in 1973 by 25 prominent Austin Hispanic leaders. As Latinos came  into political power in Austin with the election of leaders such as Richard Moya, John Trevino, Gonzalo Barrientos, and Gus Garcia, the chamber's founding members understood the importance and need for economic development and advocacy. Their vision was to create an organization that would serve and represent the business interests of a small but growing Hispanic entrepreneurial class in Austin.

To this day, the GAHCC’s primary goal is to continue the advancement and progression of a strong and stable economic culture for Hispanic businesses.  The Chamber strives to reach these goals by developing business, management skills, and bridging access to financial capital while maintaining our cultural values and integrity.

Mission & Vision

Mission Vision
To be the leading resource and advocate for the Hispanic business community. To shape a Central Texas where Hispanics thrive in business and are impactful leaders of our communities.

Pillars of Value

Advocacy Economic Development Business Development Business Education Community

Founding Officers

Marcel Rocha (President)
Jose Uriegas (1st Vice President)
Joe Gonzales (Chairman of the Board)
Gabe Gutierrez (Parliamentarian and 3rd Vice President)
Jorge Villalva (Trustee)
Hank Guerrero (Sgt at Arms)
Joe G Garcia (Trustee)
Mrs. Andres Rocha (Secretary)
Minnie Enbraco (Treasurer)
Mrs. Alicia Sanchez (Trustee)
Roberto Gaona (2nd Vice President)
Lee Mendez (Trustee)