Need help announcing a job opening?

Current Chamber Members can log into the Membership portal and follow the 10 steps below. If you cannot log into your membership portal, please contact our Executive Assistant, Linda Favila, at If you are not a member of the chamber and would like more information on posting jobs, contact us at

1. Select 'Job Postings' on the left side of your screen

2. Select 'Add Job Posting' near the top of your screen in blue

3. Type the Title of your Job post in the 'Title' section

4. Type the job summary for your position in 'Description'. (This is where you can add the link to where prospective applicants need to apply.)

5. Select your 'Displayed Posting Date '

6. Select the 'Category' of your job post

7. Fill in any blank fields in the 'Contact Information' for your business/URL's

8. Select the timeframe when you want your job post to be visible

9. Add your logo in 'Image'

10. Click 'Submit for approval'