JoAnn Jordan


JoAnn Jordan holds the Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition Programs position on Flex's Human Resources team. As Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition Programs, Jordan is an important member of Flex's leadership. She is entrusted with maintaining the happiness of employees, whether it be through creating a work environment employees look forward to, ensuring low burn out rates, or recognition and awards. Employees at Flex rate their leadership a C+, ranking them within the Bottom 30% in San Francisco.

Before working with Flex, Jordan served as the Senior Global Operations and Client Solutions with Dell from 2015-2018. Prior to this leadership position, Jordan held other roles at Dell such as Talent Acquisition Senior Advisor for Special Projects & Software, Project Manager of Talent Acquisition Mergers & Acquisitions,and Talent Acquisition Advisor. Jordan received her Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from St. Edward’s University.